How Did You Get Here? Paperback


In his book, How Did You Get Here?, Scott shares what he learned through stories of his life and career, how he nurtured a mindset that has allowed him to transform his life and become the successful business leader he is today. Montgomery doesn’t hold back, offering truthful anecdotes and inspiring insights into what it takes to be a successful leader.

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Each chapter in How Did You Get Here focuses on one practice or skill that Scott Montgomery has developed on his path to leadership. You will learn:

  • The importance of forming, maintaining, and categorizing relationships appropriately
  • How habits, routine, and goal-setting allow you to show up at peak performance
  • How leadership coaching has benefited his career, and how it can benefit yours
  • The formation, history, and culture of Worldgate, llc. Why the lessons he has learned in business has made him a better father and husband


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